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Combating Financing of Terrorism “Sanction” Solution

We are proposing the industry leading Financial Crime Management Solutions that contain DG Combating Financing of Terrorism Solution. The proposed DG® CFT are comprised of industry-leading technologies, methodologies , and proven implementation practices, people with a proven record of success in the financial industry in the region and around the globe.

Our proposed solution provides an integrated Combating Financing of Terrorism solution to help in complying with the local regulators’ guidelines of financial crimes management. Data Gear – with many AML/CFT customer references and success stories regionally and globally – understands The_Bank.’ Objectives in financial crimes management and acknowledges that DG as a vendor must and will be able to deliver a CFT solution to help T_B in managing and controlling financial crimes. We believe the DG® CFT should be selected by T_B because we represent the lowest vendor risk, the broadest functionality, and superior funding and local support as DG has an established local presence in the ME and Africa region, with local experts in AML/CFT, among others. For the past 15 years, DG has been developing and deploying solutions to help our customers detect, manage, and prevent Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism. Our proposal outlines the reasons that substantiate DG CFT ability to meet the Bank’s requirements now and in the future. DG Solutions on Demand’s key responsibility is to deliver the DG AML Solution for our customers, whether hosted by DG or the customer. Over than 50 customers trust DG Solutions on Demand with their solutions. All of Data Gear’ AML/CFT resources are available to support DG Solutions in ensuring a successful project for the Bank. Successful customer projects include but not limited to: BDC, NCBA Africa, ALJ KSA, CIB Egypt, BM UAE, SAIB Egypt. Our success is based upon our company’s culture of listening to our users and providing unparalleled customer support. If T_B selects DG® CFT Solution, we are confident you will have a scalable platform to leverage upon in the future, even for other areas of the business. DG CFT is dedicated to your long-term success. The intelligence that is housed in your data is unique, defining the diverse facets of who you are, what you have accomplished, and how you can succeed. At Data Gear and using DG solutions, we are committed to helping you transform this raw data into vital enterprise intelligence by delivering the technical solutions and services you need. We blend award-winning software with flexible business and technical consulting services to turn your business strategies into a real advantage. DG has been partnering with customers to solve their business problems for more than 15 years. DG consultants take the time to listen and learn about your business challenges and enterprise goals to establish a foundation for strategic advancement. This enables DG to deliver the right DG technology and tailored services to solve your unique business requirements. DG consultants have a wealth of experience gained working with many of customers across all industry sectors including finance, telecommunications, and government. Alongside this industry domain expertise, we give customers practical insights into how their organization can use business analytics to become more focused, more effective and ultimately more successful. Such advice can be offered independent of any DG software. Data Gear Professional Services provides expert advice and help at all stages in a project’s life cycle. Specific services range from solution discovery workshops, through to cleaning and analyzing data, evaluating your architecture, and implementing the right business solution to address customers’ needs. DG CFT Solution includes components for detection, alert management, and case management, along with a category specific workflow, content management and advanced analytics. These components are fully integrated with DG AML, DG Automatic Suppression, DG Customer Segmentation and DG Customer AML Risk Profiling to deliver full suite of integrated Compliance Solutions. The DG CFT includes an analytical engine that uses a combination of techniques to score customers risk across multiple customer demographics and channels according to the propensity for Money Laundering, including automated business rules. DG unique Fuzzy Search Engine provides to our customers the best searching capabilities that provides that most accurate screening results including Arabic text capabilities and the unique Arabic search engine. In the remainder of this document, Data Gear presents to The_Bank the needed information to select the right solution which we believe should be DG® AML for all the reasons and information provided herein. This document describes the solution capabilities and out of the box within the solution, the appendices are illustrative for the compliance of the solution for T_B’s requirements and not subject to the configuration or solution implementation scope; therefore, DG will be implementing and configuring the solution according to the scope of services mentioned in section “Scope of Services” only.