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Data Gear Real Time Anti-Fraud Solution

Data Gear Anti-Fraud Solution is based on artificial intelligence-powered fraud detection programs that allow you to instantly observe and control suspicious movements by sifting through large number of transactions, it is now possible to protect your bank and your customers by making fast, data-driven predictions. Thanks to the fraud detection tools supported by artificial intelligence, the past and instant movements of the customers can be analyzed simultaneously, and healthier scores can be achieved.

Considering many factors, the scoring of your customers can be made more comprehensively and accurately compared to a manual review. Then, the data is presented to you by graphing so that you can observe transactions and interpersonal relationships more easily. In this way, while minimizing the false-positive ratio, you will reduce the inefficient workload for your risk analysis teams and you will have the chance to focus on more critical cases.

Another benefit of Data Gear Anti-Fraud Solution “AI-based fraud detection” is that it allows you to protect yourself by following constantly changing and changing fraud methods. Artificial intelligence, which can differentiate real behaviors from abnormal ones on each transaction thus present you the information you need to protect your company from fraud in the fastest and most accurate way.