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Data Gear Enterprise Case Management

Fraud detection is a series of activities carried out to detect individuals who want to obtain money or property by resorting to various tactics. Fraud detection, which is required by all financial institutions that we may encounter at any time during the flow of day-to-day financial transactions, stands strongly against the ever-changing fraud methods, inspired by today's technologies. Enterprise Case Management (ECM) application is used to open and manage cases and assist decision makers to take appropriate actions.

The application provides users with information about the risks and alerts related to each case to help them in acting and conversely, not taking action. The application will interact with other systems through APIs or through directly inserting to ECM database. ECM is an engine that is responsible for managing all cases generated either within the system or through some alert generator. It enables user to have all the information related to the case and decide the proper decisions and actions related to that case. The Case management system is combined with workflow engine to adapt the interface as per the workflow required by the customer. ECM system has a documentation subsystem that is used to archive, share, and preview all related documents for any case in the system. It ensures full logs process to keep track of every event in the system, for any user, which in turn leads to more control.

Data Gear ECM enables your firm to manage and track the investigation and resolution of case’s related to one or more business entities involved in potentially suspicious behavior. Data Gear ECM empowers you to investigate cases, attach documentation, record exposure and losses for any type of financial crime that might pose a risk to your organization. With the Data Gear ECM web application, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Search, create and view incidents and cases
  • Create and manage case workflow
  • Receive a notification when updates are made to specific cases and incidents
  • View the audit trail of any object
  • Full management of comments on cases