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  • Category: Web Application
  • Operating System: Any

Data Gear User Management Consol

Data Gear Management Console provides a single point of control for managing resources that are used throughout DG environment. Data Gear Management Console interface enables you to perform the

Administrative tasks and managing User, Group, and Role definitions. Data Gear Management Console accompanied with one of the central principles of authorization in the Information Systems of financial organizations, this concept called ‘Maker-Checker’ Design Concept. The proposed system offers the MAKER-CHECKER Functionality of two authorization levels, one performs the action (Maker) and other one either approves or rejects that action (Checker). Actions that follow the second level of authorization:

  • Approving the Action Only:
    • Creating User.
    • Update User.
  • Approving and Rejecting the Action:
    • Create Role and Group.
    • Delete User, Role and Group.
    • Delete User Account.
    • Update Role and Group.
  • This solution gives the user the proper way of using DG Management Console and walk through the different components and interfaces of the Data Gear Management Console.