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  • Category: Web Application
  • Operating System: Any

Transliteration Engine

Transliteration Engine handles Arabic and English watchlists without the need for manual transliteration as the transliteration is a core feature in the system. The transliteration feature allows the system to handle the four possible types of screening which are Arabic-Arabic, Arabic-English, English-Arabic and English- English automatically so the clients can feed the system with the Arabic lists as is.

Transliteration Engine uses the phonetics/ pronunciation of the words in the matching process, so it overcomes the difference in the writing forms of the same word like Mohamed, Mohamad, Muhammad, Muhammed, Muhamad, Muhamed, Abdalrahman, Abd Alrahman, Abdulrahman, Abdul Rahman, Abdelrahman, Abdel Rahman, Abdur Rahman and so on. The transliteration and Standardization features add a great deal of accuracy and precision to the system in which it allows the system to catch all the true positives with the least false positives.