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  • Category: Web Application
  • Operating System: Any

Data Gear Enterprise Workflow Management

Most BPM solutions are too rigid to allow users to adjust for non-routine situations, which results in slowing the flow of business.

DG BPM Process Services enables:

  • Users to access all information, tasks, and documents to quickly and efficiently complete key business processes
  • Collaboration with users working as a team to complete tasks. Users can allocate tasks and subtasks to individuals, allowing users to address non-routine tasks
  • Group and individual tasks inboxes allow organizations to model processes to support a wide range of business scenarios
DG BPM discipline was created to provide a better understanding of how organizations do their work and how this work can be improved in an iterative fashion. DG BPM Suites were designed on the basis that our clients will host a central BPM Server which will oversee automating and monitoring their business processes. DG-BPM cover:
  • Where the process definitions are stored
  • Dealing with process versions and changes
  • Identity Management
  • Single Sign-On
  • Job executions
  • Timer mechanisms
  • Providing System to System integration mechanisms
  • Sending Emails
  • Storing History / Audit information and providing a way to query this information
  • Performance of the clients consuming data generated by the engine
  • Push notifications about the changes in state of the system