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Data Gear Anti-Money Laundering Solution

Terrorist organizations and organized crime need financing – to maintain their criminal networks, to recruit and supply, and to commit terrorist acts themselves. Money laundering allows criminal organizations to benefit from their illegal activities and maintain their operations. In essence, money laundering uses the earnings generated through a multitude of illegal cross-border activities – such as drug trafficking, trafficking in human beings, illicit arms trafficking and corruption – to acquire, convert or transfer property, while hiding the true nature of its origin,

in order to use the revenues of these crimes in the legitimate economy. A strengthened criminal response to money laundering contributes to cutting off sources of finance and countering the financial incentives which drive crime, making a powerful contribution to the fight against terrorism and organized crime. Data Gear would like to thank Our Customers Financing for giving us the opportunity to propose our Anti-Money Laundering solution to your esteemed organization. Our proposed AML solution is comprised of latest and best technologies, methodologies, proven implementation practices, people with a proven record of success in the Financing industry in the region. Our proposed solution provides an integrated Anti-Money Laundering management solution to help in complying with the local regulators guidelines of Anti-Money Laundering and financial crimes management. Data Gear – with many AML customer success stories regionally and globally – understands Our Customers Financing’ Objectives in the area of AML and financial crimes management and acknowledges that Data Gear as a vendor / partner must and will be able to deliver an enterprise wide AML to help Our Customers Financing in managing and controlling financial crimes. Our proposed solution provides capabilities and features that enables your organization to analyze customer’s behavior and discover any money laundering activities that might encounter by your own clients. This will secure your organization from Data Gear has twelve years of experience in helping financial institutions turn raw data into useful information. The solution is bundled with powerful data integration tools for helping Our Customers Financing source additional information to the system as needed. Data Gear professional services team have the tools and expertise to load different sources of data into the AML data mart. The system can monitor wires to and from high risk jurisdictions. Today's proposal for a Directive aims at tackling money laundering by means of criminal law. It proposes to establish minimum rules concerning the definition of criminal offences and sanctions in the area of money laundering, as well as common provisions to improve the investigation of those offences and to ensure better cooperation in the fight against money laundering. The Directive aims at implementing international obligations on money laundering and terrorist financing such as the Warsaw Convention and relevant recommendations from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).