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Data Gear was established in early 2007. It started with data warehousing, establishing a strong professional sense of data security and integrity. This culture helped Data Gear later when we decided to pivot towards a software oriented company leading to the impressive financial compliance solutions provided by Data Gear at the present time.

  • In the mid 2000s the importance of financial compliance come to the foreground since it became mandatory (in the domestic market). At the time, there was a shortage in high quality solutions to combat fraud and financial crime. Data Gear pivoted to a RegTech company at this critical time, calling on its experience with data security and integrity and its fresh look at compliance software to launch into this market, taking over a considerable domestic market share, Data Gear announced its arrival.
  • Data Gear continued on to become a golden partner for SAS and Oracle. Data Gear provided more than 12 data warehouse solutions to some of the largest telecommunication operators and financial institutions in Egypt, Algeria, KSA and UAE using both Teradata and Oracle Data Warehousing engines. Data Gear forged forwards to become a local market leader with permanent presence in four countries, Egypt, USA, UAE and KSA. More the 40 financial institutions in the MENA region, including some of the largest banks and telecommunication operators are making use of Data Gear’s data warehousing, compliance and fraud management solutions.


All our products are developed in-house to match your businesse needs.

DG Anti Money Laundering

Money Laundering is the process disguising the identity of “dirty money”, the large amount of proceeds generated by criminal activity, such as drug trafficking or terrorist funding, by making such proceeds appear to have been derived from a legitimate source.

DG ECM Enterprise Case Management

Enterprise Case Management (ECM) is used to open and manage cases and assist decision makers take appropriate actions. The application provides users with information about the risks and alerts related to each case to assist with decisions making.

DG Anti-Fraud Online/Ofline

Fraud detection is a series of activities carried out to detect individuals who want to obtain money or property by resorting to various fraudulent tactics.

DG FATCA Foreign Affair Tax Compliance Affair

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is a U.S statute that requires U.S persons, including individuals who live outside the United States, to report their financial accounts held outside of the United States.

DG Transliteration Engine

Data Gear Enterprise Sanction Management Solution (ESMS) enables organizations to effectively and efficiently screen their transactions (cross-border and domestic fund transfers), customers and any other financial operations (e.g. Trade Finance).

DG ESMS Enterprise Sanctions Management Solution

Built upon Data Gear Enterprise Case Management, Data Gear Workflow Management and Data Gear Enterprise Data Quality, the ESMS shares best-in-class technology to optimise transactions.


Data Gear Know Your Customer (KYC) system assesses the risk a customer poses to the bank or financial institution. KYC is a continuous process of assessment and not a onetime assessment of a customer.

DG User Management Consol

Data Gear Management Console provides a single point of control for managing resources that are used throughout DG environment. Data Gear Management Console interface enables the user to perform the administrative tasks and manage User, Group, and Role definitions.

DG Enterprise Workflow Management

Allows users to access all information, tasks and documents helping them quickly and efficiently in completing key business processes. Collaboration with users working as a team to complete tasks. Users can allocate tasks and subtasks to individuals, allowing users to address non-routine tasks


Business Intelligence tools are types of software used to gather, process, analyze, and visualize large volumes of past, current and future data to generate actionable business insights.

DG Alert Suppression

With the support of AI Alert Suppression system suppress false positive alerts. AML systems were only depending on rule-based model scenarios, which lead to a lot of false positive alerts. False positive alerts drain the compliance time and High-risk entities can escape scrutiny.

DG Central Compliance Reporting (GO-AML)

Centralize reports such as Suspicious Transaction Reports (STR) and Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR), electronically to the FIU using goAML. This is part of a global trend where regulators are standardizing reporting platforms.

DG AML Trade Base

Money laundering through trade refers to the practice of concealing the criminal origin of funds while transferring them.

DG Real Time Fraud

Data Gear Anti-Fraud Solution is based on artificial intelligence-powered fraud detection programs that allow you to instantly observe and control suspicious movements by sifting through large number of transactions.

DG Customer Risk Profiling

Data Gear Customers Risk Profiling System (CRP) is a Realtime/offline solution which mainly helps in rating the risk of the bank customers in both Realtime (onboarding) and offline (on demand)


What Our Clients Say About Us Data Gear has been supporting their solution and keeps them up and running although it I a mission critical solution which monitors all the wire transfers of the bank.

Data Gear has been supporting their solution and keeps them up and running although it I a mission critical solution which monitors all the wire transfers of the bank.

Dr. Tarek Ramadan

MIDB-CCO & Chief Compliance Officer

DataGear had implemented at Fisal Islamic Bank in Egypt our compliance solution to fulfill the international and local regulations for Anti-Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Reporting. These solutions are implemented starting 2018 and running since then.

Mr. Amr Al Antably

FIB-CCO &Chief Compliance & Governance Officer

Along the past six years, DataGear is the partner that we can rely on their support and experience in fighting Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

Mr. Khursan Bin Yalla

Bin Yalla Exchange Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our Team

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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Technology Officer

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Director of Delivery

Dr. Abdullah Msaood

Compliance Reporting Unit Manager

Dr. Bassam Farea

Real-Time Combating Financial
Crimes Unit Manager

Dr. Muneer Alwan

Customer Onboarding System Lead

Dr. Sherif Abbas

Chief Financial Officer

Riham Mohamed

Quality Control Manager

Salah Salama

Data Management Unit Manager

Dr. Ahmed Nagy

Offline Combating Financial
Crimes Unit Manager


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