Online AML Solution

Online AML solution is a designed IT solution to comply, detect, alert and block transactions in online behavior. It covers multilingual and multi watch-lists screening, and can be interfaced to any banking application, operates on all major platforms.  Data Gear’s Online AML solution enables the following functionalities:

  • KYC of Customer on Board
  • Ad-Hoc Customer screening verses watch list
  • Watch List Alerts Management
  • KYC & Watch List Reports and Full reporting capabilities
  • Online integration with core bank systems
  • Online integration with swift covering all types of messages
  • False Positives Management
  • Name matching with controlable sensitivity
  • Name transilteration from English to Arabic and vice versa
  • Monitoring of Politically exposed transactions
  • Report and Control funds to/from specific countries
  • Screening of Arabic names verses latin watch-lists
  • Audit Trail
  • Supports multiple watch-lists (OFAC, UN,Dow Jones,…, etc.), central bank watch-list and internal bank wath-list
  • Advanced customizable reporting
  • Advanced customizable workflow supports maker/checker/authorizer
  • Multiple listening for inbound/outbound folders