Our Scope

Our measure of performance at DataGear is measured by how much skills that we can bring under one roof. DataGear is bringing a whole lot of collaborative experience of more than 50 years in a wide-spectrum of IT professional services, sales & marketing, delivering custom-tailored business solutions in a multi-national environment, offering state of the art services to different levels of corporations.

DataGear offers a robust and innovative portfolio of industry analytical applications such as Enterprise Data Warehousing, Customer Relation Management (Analytical & Operational), Data Integration, Data Mining (Tools & Applications), Custom-tailored BI Applications across business sectors such as Telco’s, Financial, Government, ….etc.

Collaboratively with our partners; the DWH & BI industry leaders, DataGear also offers wide range of outsourcing capabilities that covers a wide spectrum of professional services at a competitive market rates. With our professional career, our customers will greatly benefit from a full range of experience in industry-specific technology.

DataGear offers a custom-tailored Analytic BI-Framework delivered through three layers of workloads:

  • Data warehousing.
  • Reporting & analysis.
  • Performance management.

The DataGear Analytic BI-Framework is a suite of predictive and descriptive modeling engines that create robust analytic models faster and easier than you thought possible. Our solution portfolio is fully geared around these industries offering a wide spectrum of business intelligence solutions including but not limited to:

  • Enterprise Data Warehousing.
  • Industry-Specific Business Intelligence.
  • Global Data Management.
  • Custom-tailored Professional Services including Program/Project Management.

DataGear is the First Teradata Business Partner across the region, to deliver integrated, enterprisescale analytical solutions based on the most powerful, scalable and reliable technology platform in the industry.

Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC) is the global leader in data warehousing and analytic technologies that make smart companies smarter. Teradata provides the most knowledgeable and experienced consulting professionals, highest performing technology, industry-leading innovation, and a world-class network of customers and partners to make faster, smarter decisions that give our customers a decided competitive advantage.

DataGear is also partnering with Microsoft and also offering MS BI tools and services. Microsoft BI is a complete, fully integrated set of BI technologies that can help reduce the complexity of organizing and distributing information and lead to competitive advantages, overall better decisions, and an improved bottom line.