Company Overview

In today’s business, data is becoming crucial in steering business plans and directing companies’ policies. The more the data is handy, detailed, and historic, the more accurate decisions taken will be.

Since most businesses today have built up their operational systems, today’s issue is rather to have insights of the data available in these systems, which are mostly scattered, non-integrated and in many cases viewing business from different angles, sometimes contradicting.

Due to the extraordinary rate of change in day-today business, aligning Information Technology to Business Objectives has always been the real challenge for most CIO’s and IT Managers. How much has been accomplished, is still the key issue.

Wither you are moving to a new core banking system, implementing a CRM, ERP, supply chain management or business intelligence, it can be jeopardized by a poor data, that in its minimum shape does not reflect your business.


DataGear was found in 2007 as a privately held company headquartered in Cairo, Egypt and operational in North Africa and Arabian Gulf. Different projects in with major Telco Operators, Government and Large Banks are being implemented. DataGear offices will soon be operational in the Middle East, Africa and European countries.